I'm Jessica Humerick. Nice to finally meet you.

Welcome to Sea & Serpent. It's a name I thought of years ago, that I've wanted to breathe life into and make come aerilive ever since. Synthesizing my love of words, personal style, design, wine-infused rants... watch Sea & Serpent slowly morph,  merging my world to yours. 

 I'm not a model.  I'm not presuming to be.  I'm a Little Rock, AR based stylist that's here to expose myself in a way that I haven't previously done.  Instead of curating behind the scenes, I'm taking the step to be in front of it. I've procrastinated on this for long enough. So let's step into it, shall we?



photography by Stephanie Parsley.  

clothing & Accessories from: Free People, Katherine Kelly, Ray-Ban, Jeffrey Campbell, Bone Lust