What You Discover When You Decide To Go For It

No one should feel ashamed about feeling apprehensive to take drastic measures to bring about a significant change in life. Trust me, I get it. There's safety in harbor. It's so easy to feel comfortable with your current situation, a routine that doesn't often challenge or frighten you. If you ever get that overbearing feeling of unease, like its time to recreate your surroundings, or ever get that nagging sense of wonder of what lies beyond the other side of the fence you've built... isn't it worth exploring?

Here are the thoughts that take over your mind once you've finally decided to go for it.

#1 That didn't hurt a bit. I'm still alive.  

Here's the beauty: it only takes the smallest act to build up the audacity to go out, do more, and try harder. When the actual motion of doing something puts you in distress - you'll realize that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's a cliche quote for a reason. It's pretty amazing how the possibilities of ONE major decision can bring you so much security in the uncertainty of what's to come, it really isn't so bad. 

#2 There’s so much more in store.

You now have the benchmark to measure up to– you’ve experienced first-hand how life can be different in so many unusual ways. You’ll start to analyze the infinite outcomes of all decisions you've made and how life could have been different had you made the slightest curve –that shift is all it takes. Remember, you can lead a million different lives depending on these minor choices in your everyday…that life is up to you. Have you chosen the one you want? It's never too late. It really isn't. 

#3 Now What?

You’ll also begin to realize the vital importance of constant self-assessment – looking forward and knowing how you could improve according to your past actions. By understanding and analyzing the cause and effect of where you’ve been, you harness this mindset of rebuilding and morphing yourself into the person you want to be. There’s no greater euphoria than mentally crossing that line through a goal, after a massive achievement.

And the next time around, you’ll automatically think, “I know I need to master X, but once that comes, what’s next?”

I knew when I made the decision to move to Arkansas and rebuild my image consulting business, (let me reiterate... ARKANSAS)  it would be the riskiest thing I could fathom. Infiltrating my aesthetic into the southern market. I didn't even know of anyone else doing fashion styling, makeup artistry here, on their own terms. I knew no one. Since, I've worked with so many creative and amazing people... have acquired so many life lessons. 

Another example is creating this blog! I knew I was delving into an immensely congested field. Guess what? Didn't care. Who knows where my path will lead me from here... but I know I'll never be afraid of carving it myself.


photography by Stephanie Parsley

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