Ode To My Future Self.

I used to think I would have a mental breakdown once I turned 25. That I would wake up, once the clock struck midnight and I would disintegrate into a pile of dust. A morbid Cinderella remake. Guess what? Didn't happen. You want to hear something even weirder? Didn't happen at 30 either.  What I've gained with time, (besides an extra pound or two. Ok, way more) is self confidence. Embracing whatever it is that I've held inside of me for so long, that gave me an odd sense of disassociation from others. A silent beacon. 

I've learned to harness that beacon and transform it into various curiosities and creative facets that will always bring me comfort. That will always ease my anxieties. That's what fashion is to me. Not the business. Not the bull$hit. The art form. It's something I'll be entranced by for decades. With Gucci's new designer, Allessandro Michele, I feel like his designs are a time machine to my future. The eccentric old cat-lady who will wake up with a martini and play with layers upon layers of fur, sequins, and silk. Cradling my memories with an overabundance of adornments.

I feel like I've lived so many lives already, but one thing I know, is that I'm excited about the woman I'm morphing myself to be. I'm no longer scared of aging or my eccentricities. Hopefully I won't be turning  into dust anytime soon, but until I do- I have my cats, my passions, and my fairy godmothers- designers like Allessandro Michele to inspire me. Cinderella, who?

Scroll down to see my adaptation of the granny-chic aesthetic, from a photo shoot I styled earlier this year:  An ode to my future self. 


Photography by Stephanie Parsley

Model Olivia Wells, Sculp Agency. 

Clothing provided by B.Barnett