Dream Christmas Wishlist

True Life: I can never turn down work opportunities. To be honest, I just don't want to. Conceptualizing and styling photo shoots is my favorite creative outlet and I'm BEYOND thankful that it's what I get to do for a living. The downside: with my schedule right now, I didn't have time to visit my family for Christmas.  I miss them and it's a sting that burns, despite my attempt to ignore it. I suppose this is what growing up is though: personal sacrifices for your goals. 

Anyway, it's officially Christmas! I'm going to make the best of it! While I have plans for wine later tonight with some good friends, I'm currently snuggled in bed with Love Actually in the background, my two Persian familiars, and cinnamon rolls in the oven. As I'm sourcing inspiration for tomorrow's shoot (stay tuned. It's for a super talented musician in from L.A. ahem: girl crush) I decided to put together a dream wish list. I've compiled a list of objects that are currently fascinating me, things to salivate over and infuse my Christmas spirit.

It's interesting... even without my family and the traditions I've always been apart of, I still feel the magic in the air. Or maybe it's just the scent of the cinnamon rolls.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

xx- Jessica

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