A Forgotten Friend

Tonight I'm feeling so nostalgic. It goes with the territory this time of year. I'm currently sitting on the floor of my apartment immersed in boxes that hold my favorite tokens and forgotten treasures. One of them is a sketchbook, that I haven't visited in a couple years. A forgotten friend. On the front inside cover I wrote myself a reminder. A to-do list, of sorts. I remember where I was when I wrote it. I was visiting one of my favorite downtown haunts: The Capitol Hotel. I was perched on the balcony overlooking this beautiful little city that I love, building a love affair with my second or third martini glass. I go through waves of creativity which corresponds with my many moods and personalities. I bought the sketchbook/journal to withhold all of them.  I'm so thankful I came across this message. To reacquaint myself with who I was, who I am now, and the strength I will always need to possess

Hold your dignity above the air you breath and the ligaments in the organ people call skin. Consider it your foundation and your being’s only currency.

Love people RAW. Expose yourself, even if your soul burns. It’ll fade into a color that is unbeknownst to you.

Sign a treaty with your scars. Adapt a relationship with your masochism. Feel your wounds’ constant ache, make friends with them, and ask them for advice.

Dont be afraid to let your day dreams consume you. Being eaten alive by the living nightmare of self imposed fear would be a hell of your own creation... and “Jessica’s Inferno” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

-written May 17th, 2013
Jessica Humerick2 Comments