My Day Of Birth!

Interesting thing about today: it's my birthday! It's a day to be fearless, feel beautiful and love yourself. I could go into a long diatribe about how I've gained weight this past year and how I haven't felt comfortable in my own skin in quite some time.  I won't. Just know these statements are deeply true. I'm indulgent by nature. I love great food and a day without wine, isn't a day well lived. This year, I vow to love myself more. To not compare myself with other beautiful creatures. To fall in love with my flaws, and embrace them. There's nothing I love more than dancing around my apartment, listening to a chill wave playlist, drinking wine, and celebrating the daily rituals of life. 

Being a Creative Director and Makeup Artist, I've worked on numerous boudoir shoots with Meredith Melody. Through out the process, there is so much positive energy and confidence infused into the experience for our clients. That being said, I was still tremendously nervous being on the other side of the lens, but as soon as I stood in front of Meredith... all my anxieties magically fled. I had an incredible time and I know this is just the start to an incredible journey with myself as well. 

Tonight, I was asked about my experience by another talented local photographer who has been thinking about having boudoir photos of herself, too. I told her I think every woman NEEDS them. When she asked why, I said, "Once we see the images, hold them in our hands, it's concrete evidence that we can overcome our insecurities." 

.... and if you can overcome those, darlings, you can truly do anything. 

xx- Jessica


Bra: Forever 21 ( I scored! click on the link to buy!)

Bottoms: Re: Named

Fur: Custom Saga Fur from O'Faolain's personal collection

Photography: Meredith Melody Photography

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