Yesterday, the largest protest in U.S History happened. Estimated 2.9 MILLION. The powerful speeches delivered and imagery seen has so many charged and ready to fight patriarchy and misogyny. Our nation came together in solidarity to show strength in such a tumultuous time. The denial phase of now President Donald Trump being elected is finally over for me. These past few months, I've felt absolute dread for what is to come. Now, for the first time in what feels so long, I'm harboring a sense of hope. The feeling is incredibly raw and beautiful.  


I am a NASTY WOMAN and proud.

Above, Ashley Judd's speech, a narrated poem written by 19-year-old girl Nina Donavan from Tennessee. It's so incredibly powerful. I am so proud to be a woman and ready to fight back for our threatened rights. Tears streamed down my cheeks and instilled such a sense of power. Pussy Power. 

xx- Jessica

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