My Relationship With Nature


Like most children, when I was a little girl I was immersed in the mystery of nature. There was an inherent connection I felt to it that waved and weaned in correlation with what I was going through in specific chapters of my life. I've lived in various places with such different environmental structure: Massachusetts, Montana, Southern California, Arizona, and now Arkansas. I've experienced the harshness of the Atlantic, the surreal expansiveness of Big Sky country, the warm oceans and air that smells of salt and tropical flowers, the loneliness and majesty of the desert. Throughout, I always felt a deep solidarity with the earth, but these last few years as I've focused more on my career and building my brand, I've somehow lost my connection with it. It's like promising to call your grandmother, and somehow forgetting. She tells the best stories, and in the whirlwind of life, you somehow just... forgot.


Being a wardrobe stylist and makeup artist, a lot of my jobs are on location outside, but it isn't the same, as being able to REALLY let yourself go, be en wrapped by the earth. Also, a big aspect of my job consists of drowning in emails, and constantly updating and participating on social media. I'm sure most of you can relate to rushing around from one thing to the next and spending what little spare moments you have with your smartphone in hand. I've found myself not listening to the organic rhythms around me. 

This year I vow to remedy that. To give my "grandmother" that long-awaited phone call. To swap my high heels for my dusty hiking boots or my bare feet. I want to reawaken and heal the parts of me that have shut off the capacity to a force much bigger than myself. 

Below are a few simple strategies that I plan to execute to help me to just that. 

1. Go outside. Start more of my mornings with a walk. Take off my shoes and socks and sink my toes into the grass. Read my favorite books under a tree, write in my journals leaning against the trunk: osmosis of inspiration.

2. Bring nature indoors: I plan on buying some more houseplants (ahem: visiting Electric Ghost more. Little Rock is so lucky to have them.) keeping a vase of fresh flowers, and adding to my crystal collection. 

3. Getting lost with nature: I want to go camping, exploring. I've had a book of Arkansas Waterfalls for years, and it's time to meet some of them. Allow the natural world to ground me into the here and now.

4.. Kiss the earth with my feet. One of my favorite quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh reminds me to slow down and notice nature, “Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”  The next time I walk out the front door, I will feel myself connecting with the earth, step by step.

I look forward to sharing my journey.  

ps: Call your grandmother or mom right NOW.

xx - Jessica 

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