50 Shades of Grey

In an ironic counterpoint to this classic, elegant attire. Let's talk about sex. I will say, I've had fewer partners than I would care to admit. I'm a serial monogamist.  Having grown up with Sex & The City, Samantha was the one I really fell in love with. That lady had it all: an amazing career, a provocative wardrobe, an invigorating black book, and re-birthed the term "Fabulous". Alas, whether it's in my genes, my astrological sign, or my over-analytical brain, I've never quite been as wild as I'm pretty sure my appearance portrays.  That being said, when I am involved with someone... my sexual appetites can rarely be satiated and borderline the extreme. The clause: I usually have to be in love. (In the world we live in, it's weird, I know.) Anyway, my first love has and always will be the written word. My personal library varies from almost any subject you can think of and a large portion of that is erotica.  

One day I was gifted the book 50 Shades of Grey from a friend that swore by it. Let me just say, the book is TERRIBLE.  The writing is stilted and relies on tropes that anyone who's ever sat through 15 minutes of a high school writing workshop would know to avoid. The characters are two-dimensional and stereotypical. The book's romantic twosome, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, are reminiscent of Bella and Edward in Twilight (the series started as Twilight fan fiction, after all) but there's not even vampire content to entice me. Where the book really fails, however, is in its promise, a promise heard 'round the Internet and even in real life, of sexiness.'  Insert eye roll. it's the equivalent to soft porn. 

Galileo believed that books are our only means of super powers. For Carl Sagan, a book was "proof that humans are capable of working magic." Proust considered the end of a book's wisdom the beginning of our own.The social function of great literature, the poet Denise Levertov insisted, is "to awaken sleepers by other means than shock." 

If you must know, my favorite erotica author is Anais Nin. Particularly, Delta of Venus. I believe sexuality should have no barricades and should be explored to a point that you've previously deemed unreachable. There is no black and white: only grey. 

xx- Jessica



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