A Rose By Any Other Name

I have often been described as a chameleon throughout all the metamorphoses of my life.  From years of being inspired by Bohemia, glam-trash, punk, grunge, urban wear... I've always had variations of muses that span different genres and cultural myths. I've come to the point where I have peeled away the many layers, pulled away all the petals: to reach the stem of what inspires and feeds me. Mixing classic, Gothic elegance, feminine sensuality and silhouettes that emit strength. What better portrayal of that than a rose? I have no shame in saying roses are and have always been my favorite. They symbolize love, passion, sympathy, desire, luxury. The ultimate aesthetic. The ideal talisman of lore and love magic.  From dark tales of having your finger pricked and delving into a cataclysmic sleep where time is forgotten and miles upon miles of thorns enslave you...to a solitary red rose unleashing the spell of the beast within.

Below are past designs by Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino that inspired my look.  I took the details that seduced me: Sheer lace and floral embroidered dresses, sleek middle-parted hair... and made it my own by adding a delicate choker and gloves, black high wasted T by Alexander Wang culotte pant, and suede Schutz booties. 

Scroll down. Let's take a casual stroll, if you will. After all, that's how both love stories and fairy tales often start. 

xx- Jessica


Dress & Gloves : Etsy

Pants: T by Alexander Wang at BEIGE

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Shoes: Shutz

Photography by Meredith Melody

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