Leather, Fishnets, and Flower Power.


Leather, fishnets, dark denim, structured collared shirt: one of the perfect recipes.  I like mixing the poison of feminine sex and power, with evidence of masculinity. Its an elixir I've needed to consume for most of my life. Do you remember where you were when you realized you could mix the best of both worlds?  I remember I was nine or ten, and all of my friends were boys. My mom would "scold" me about being incessantly dirty from fighting, playing, mischief. Then I stole her Chanel lipstick, dragged it slowly across my lips in the mirror, and my chin automatically lifted. Like magic.  It was the perfect partnership with the dirt on my face. The next day, I wore it to play baseball in the street with my friends, and I remember how the dynamic between us managed to somehow... change. Instantly. I harnessed that situation, that power and never let it go. 


I walk forward,
fish nets gripping my thighs
and goosebumps raising from my arms
warmth spreads through my body,

shedding the inherent chill
as if by magic.

Leather, studs and pretend flowers,
cheap tights,
expensive lipstick,
a night out
with confidence by my side.
There's a laugh here too;
it keeps echoing across the bare valleys of my collarbones
and discovering its way to my ears.
I resist the urge to turn and share.

There's no one. 
I smile.


Jacket: Chelsea & Violet

Shirt: T- by  Alexander Wang shop at Beige

Jeans: Mother Denim

Shoes: Shutz

Tights: Forever 21

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Photography: Stephanie Parsley




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