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For such a private person, Sea & Serpent is proving to be more of a complexity than I would have imagined. For those of you that follow me on social media and view my seemingly incessant posts, the term "private" may come as a shock to you. You see, I have no qualms with marketing my work and thus, myself. When you work for yourself, with zero safety net: YOU RISK IT ALL. This medium, on the other hand, has been an avenue that I've come to find incredibly more challenging than I initially anticipated. I've expressed slices of my fears, my visions, inspirations, and goals. Baring my personal life and thoughts is so vastly different. I didn't start this blog to have my reader view me in any other way than I inherently am. I'm not here to create illusions of perfection or incessant happiness. During the holiday season... (the catalyst was actually on Christmas Day) there was a conclusion of a very important connection that I've had for some time. I'm coming to terms with the many factors that I contributed to it. With a heavy heart, you have to realize that you can't create illusions of perfection... for yourself, either. 

In a previous post, I mentioned how I wanted 2017 to reconstruct myself into a better person. A better lover, a better friend,  a better story-teller. So much of my world is wrapped in silken dreams that I weave around myself to make life so much more magical and manageable. I attach them to myself, piece by piece, choosing them so carefully... as knights would prepare their armor before battle. At some point, we have to lay down our swords and take it all off- our silks, our armor, our masks... and just... be. 

That's the greatest risk of all. 

Happy Valentine's Day. 

xx- Jessica 

Photography by Stephanie Parsley

skirt designed & made by: Hannah Harney, Instagram @tre.illy

Sunnies: Celine

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