99 Days

The title says it all. It's been 99 days and technically 22 hours since my last post. During the timeline I initially launched and the 100th day... something changed. Morphed. It takes a lot to divulge yourself to strangers. Looking through the blogs I used to treasure when blogs were still relevant, they had more gut. More truth. Now, they're mainly advertisements, run by basically nameless interns whom I... just. can't. recall. This isn't what this is, and will never be. I've stated it before, but this is my diary of sorts. No lock. No key. Unlike the usual curses I would write on the front inside cover to warn any trespassing eyes in my actual diaries growing up, I want you to look. Maybe you'll see something  I haven't yet discovered.

My new companion is my polaroid, (RIP, I'm on my 2nd one) Here are a few collected adventures of the past few months. A brief summary: lost a few relationships, they've morphed and evolved into different ones. An ex-lover turned stranger. Another ex-turned best friend. A best friend turned into a new person in my eyes, I am open to knowing again. Work. Creating. Focus. Shedding, Shedding. Shedding. MORPHING